Cavalli wall is working to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. We therefore have a policy that sets out how your personal data will be processed and protected. This privacy policy applies to customers using any of Cavalli wall’s brands and its websites.

Who is responsible for your personal data?

Cavalli wall is the controller for the personal data processed within the company, and by our processors.

Which personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data required to fulfill our customers’ orders.
The personal data that we process is information that you yourself provide.
In most cases this is contact information, such as your name, telephone number, e-mail address and postal address.

What do we use your personal data for?

• To process our customers’ orders.
• To send you notifications about delivery status.
• To answer your questions.
• To update you about our products.

We keep your data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes or for as long as there is a legal obligation to do so. Your personal data is then erased.

How is the data protected?

We implement the appropriate technical and organizational security measures, compatible with the industry standard, in order to ensure that all information processed by us is protected from unauthorized access. All information about you as a private individual is stored within the European Union. Only a limited number of employees have access to your information and their handling of that information is strictly regulated.

What type of personal data do we collect?

 Your rights

You have the right to know what we do with your personal data, when and how your personal data is processed, and for what purpose. You also have the right to access your personal data and to have data transferred, rectified or erased.

Right of access

You can, free of charge once per calendar year, request information about the personal data we keep, the purposes of processing, and information as to the source of the personal data.

Requests for such information must be made in writing and be sent to us at the following address:

Cavalli wall ltd.

Ressamlar Alley, No.22/1, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey

In order to be able to locate your personal data, and to send the data to you, we require your name, personal ID number, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Please also provide the e-mail address to which you want the information sent, as well as the password to be used for the compressed file containing the exported data.

In order to ensure that you alone have access to this information, it is important that, in addition to providing your signature, you also submit a copy of an approved ID document with your request.

Right to rectification

We are responsible for ensuring that the personal data we process is correct and kept up to date. However, if you discover that the data we hold about you is inaccurate, you are entitled to request rectification of said data. You also have the right to have such personal data as you think is missing, and which is relevant for the purpose of our processing of your personal data, completed.
If data has been rectified at your request, we will ensure that anyone to whom the data has been disclosed is informed that the data has been rectified. This does not apply, however, if it proves to be impossible or would involve an excessive effort. At your request we will provide you with information about the recipients of rectified data.

Right to erasure

We keep your customer details for as long as you remain our customer. When the agreement between us has ceased, the details are erased, except in cases when we are obliged by law to keep them for a longer period of time.
As a customer, you always have the right to contact us and to ask for your personal data to be erased. Personal data must be erased in the following cases:
• If personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which we collected and processed it;
• If processing is based solely on your consent and you withdraw that consent;
• If personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes and you object to the processing of the personal data;
• If you object to the processing of personal data based on a balancing of interests, and there are no legitimate grounds which override your interests;
• If personal data is not processed in accordance with the regulation;
• If erasure is required for compliance with a legal obligation.


If you think that we are processing your personal data in contravention of the applicable data protection regulation, you should notify us of this as soon as possible. You can also lodge a complaint directly with the Turkish Data Protection Authority.


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